Welcome to Historic
McPike Mansion

This page was last updated: May 1, 2014
Investigations and visits to the Cellar have allowed communication with the resident spirits of McPike Mansion.

With digital recorders and other technical equipment we have been able to capture voice from the residents.

The EVP voice recordings are not always available to us or forwarded.  As we receive these recordings, we are happy to share this experience with you.

We ask that you respect the copywrights of those who have entrusted us with these recordings.

Thank you for your continued support .
This is a recording from BSP [Bi State Paranormal ] who visited McPike Mansion May 10th, 2009.  Thank you Scott and Brehnden for forwarding this incredible EVP.  We believe this to be a recording of the Ghost of Henry McPike.

Visit http://www.bistateparanormal.com/  for more about their visit.